BLOGMAS Day 8: A Day Out in Dublin!

Hello everyone!

IT'S DECEMBER 8TH! Which means, traditionally, it's the day to put up your Christmas tree and go Christmas shopping!

Today was also my last Tuesday in Dublin for this semester. As a treat to myself for making it this far into the college year without my friends around, I decided that I would go into town and explore the shops and just soak up the Christmassy atmosphere! There will be an artsy fartsy video (hopefully!) on my YouTube channel tomorrow afternoon (again, hopefully!) so if you would like to see any photos, I'm afraid you won't find them here as I didn't take any, I was too busy recording! But you can always check out my channel tonight and subscribe so you don't miss out tomorrow ;)

Anyways, for this post, I thought I would just share some of my thoughts on some of the shops and things I saw in Dublin today....

First stop was LUSH, which, as always, was amazing! I didn't buy anything, which I completely regret right now, but I did have a good sniff of all their Christmas products! I love every single one of them, especially the 'Peeping Santa' bath bomb! But unfortunately, I was on a budget and couldn't buy any lovely products for a pamper evening :'(

The Arnott's window display is something else! From a ferris wheel made out entirely out of Lego to a jungle of Beanie Babys, these windows will definitely entice you to go in and explore the wonderful department store. And the decorations they have for sale in there.... they are amazing! I had to restrain myself from buying little woodland animal tree ornaments!!

Debenhams have a great selection of gifts for everyone. They have a wide variety of beauty products, stocking fillers for male and female, kid's toys, and even something for the little peata (that's 'pet' in Irish for anyone who doesn't know)! I was so close to buying an advent calendar for my dog, even if we are 8 days into Advent....

The Jervis Shopping Centre is just so magical! They have decorations from the second you walk in the door all the way up to the third floor! It's amazing! Even though I had seen these decorations the previous two weeks, I was still in awe with the effort that went in to making the centre look and feel as magical as it does! 

And finally... Starbucks. Oh the joy I felt of walking into that lovely warm coffee shop. I made the choice of the Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate, and as I was awaiting the chocolatey Christmassy goodness, I remembered that I don't particularly like the taste of almond..... And to top it all off, THEY SPELLED MY NAME WRONG! Even after I had spelled it out for them! So everyone, my new name is now 'Niffa'.... I have to say though, the hot chocolate was pretty tasty, if not just a bit too chocolatey, but a girl can never have too much chocolate in her life!!

And that's it, that was my day in Dublin in a nutshell! 
Did you do anything exciting today?

Remember to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow for the video of this very festive trip!

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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  1. Would love to see more videos ! Maybe a Christmas haul ?

    1. I'm filming two new videos tomorrow (well, that's the plan anyways!) so there'll be two videos up next week! :) xo