BLOGMAS Day 2: Fun things to do this holiday season!

Hello everyone!

Today, I thought that I would give you all some fun ideas of things you can do this holiday season to get you into that festive spirit! Some of these things cost some dollars (or euros...or pounds...whatever your currency is...I just ruined it...) and other things cost you nothing! So let's get started....

1. Ice Skating: One of my favourite things to do with a group of friends around this time of year is to go ice skating! I have been ice skating every December for the last three years - last year I even went twice! It is so much fun and gets you into that festive spirit with the Christmas music and Christmas jumpers and just the festive feel of skating on ice! You feel like you're in a Christmas movie! And with a group of friends, the experience is so much fun.

2. Visit a Christmas market: With so many Christmas markets around these days, I'm sure you're bound to stumble across one in a town close to you. For me, this Christmas market is the one in Galway which has been running since 2009. It is so magical to walk through the market and smell all the different foods, look at the homemade decorations and just feel like you're in a different world! Grab a luxury hot chocolate and walk around between the stalls to feel all special kinds of Christmassy!

3. Buy a Christmas jumper/pyjamas: A Christmas jumper is my essential Christmas wardrobe. That's right, I said wardrobe... No matter what's going on that day, where I'm going or what I'm wearing on bottom, I will have a Christmas jumper on! And every night, I have a pair of warm, fluffy, cosy Christmas pyjamas and slippers on. It's just an essential part of Christmas...get with it....

4. Visit family and friends: Possibly the simplest yet most difficult thing you can do this Christmas is to visit your family or arrange to meet up with friends you haven't seen in a while. It's the season for love and friendship, so try to make it your business to pop over to your auntie or your grandparents with a box of chocolates or some freshly baked goods for a cuppa and a catch up. You're sure to feel in that festive spirit, especially if they have their tree up!

5. Watch a Christmas movie: Whether it's super Christmassy like Elf or mildly festive like Love Actually, watching any form of a Christmas movie is sure to put you into that festive spirit! Make yourself a hot chocolate, get into those Christmas pyjamas, light a few candles (maybe a Christmas scented one), stick on the fire and cosy up on the couch with a blanket and settle in for the night with your favourite Christmas movie!

6. Listen to Christmas music: All day, every day! This is something that I have been doing since November 1st, and I am not ashamed! I have my playlist on Spotify but I've also been listening to Christmas FM. This is a special Christmas radio station in Ireland (which can be streamed worldwide from their website!) that is run by volunteer radio DJs, all in aid of charity! This year's charity is for the Make a Wish foundation and all money made by requests and texts and donations go straight to this wonderful charity! This is a tradition that my parents and I have every year. Once it starts to air at the end of November until it finished on the 26th December, we have it playing in the house and the car, getting into the festive spirit!!


And there we have it! Just a few ideas of different things you can do this Christmas season to get into the festive spirit! 
Do you do anything special to get into the festive spirit?

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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