Female Emergency Kit || DIY Kit

I'm that girl that is always stuck for a hair tie, or a tissue, or some painkillers. I just never seem to have them on me when I need them. 
I had seen a few of these emergency kits floating around Pinterest and even saw one in Penney's a while back. So I decided to make up my own!

The best thing about creating your own emergency kit is you can put whatever you want into it! Think you'll need a hairbrush? Put one in. Some hand sanitiser? Yep, go ahead. Make it your own! I just got a smallish makeup bag that I had lying around which fits into my hand bag nicely. And then I just started filling it with the things I think I'll need.

~ Pads & Tampons: kicking it off with the ultimate 'girly things'! Such a taboo topic when you think about it.... but you never know when you or a friend is going to need a pad or a tampon in an emergency situation! I, for one, prefer wearing pads during my period, so I have more of them than tampons, but I still have one or two in there just in case. 

~ Panadol: I tend to get headaches when I least expect them. I could be out shopping and I'll get a headache, and surprise surprise, I'll have no painkillers with me! So I feel that this is a must in my emergency kit.

~ Hand sanitiser: you know when you touch something in public and you just feel dirty after it? Like an old park bench. Or maybe you just want clean hands before eating in public. Hand sanitiser to the rescue!! I use the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush hand cleansing gel, because I just love this scent! The size of the packaging is perfect, but I know there are plenty of other scents and brands out there that do handbag size bottles if this one is not for you.

~Tissues: runny nose? Grab a tissue. Watery eyes? Grab a tissue. Need to get rid of chewing gum? Grab a tissue. The use of a pack of tissues is endless so these are definitely a must!

~Hair-tie, hair grips, hairbrush: whenever I go out with my hair down, I instantly regret it and then, of course, I never have a hair-tie to hand. I decided to throw in some clips and a tangle teaser just to be on the safe side.

~Powder & powder brush: this is probably something that isn't going to be very practical to most people, but I think it is going to come in handy at some stage. Sometimes when I'm out and about, especially on a hot day, I can feel my makeup starting to sweat off my face, and I always wish I had powder to hand to counteract this. Hence, the reason I have put my favourite face powder and a brush into my emergency kit.

~Lipbalm: always a staple in any girl's handbag! No matter what, everyone needs a lip balm in their life to keep their lips from drying out. My lipbalm of choice at the moment is Carmex, but I also use Vaseline and eos lip balms.

And the best thing about these emergency kits? Because everything is in the one bag, it can be easily transferred between handbags on a day-to-day basis!

What would you put into your emergency kit?

 Until next time.
Fifs xo

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