Where have I been?

Hello everyone!

Yes, I'm still alive. No need to panic.

I have just been way too busy with college stuff, exams, assignments, college balls, moving back home - just the usual stuff. And to be honest, I wasn't really in the mood to write a blog post. I even missed the two year anniversary of when I started this blog. So...

College is finished. 
I went to the Gaeltacht for two weeks of the Easter, which was basically just two weeks of going out with friends, speaking a bit of Irish, and soaking up the gorgeous Donegal scenery! 

We got back to college and it was straight into finishing off assignments and getting ready for exams! But not before we got all dolled up and had a ball... No, literally, we had a ball. The Education Faculty Ball to be precise!
It was a brilliant night, with lots of dancing, plenty of alcohol, and dressing up as the classy gals we all are!

Then there was my birthday weekend! 
I didn't do much for it. I went out with some friends at home on the bank holiday Sunday, but other than that, it was a regular weekend! I spent my actual birthday away from my family for the first time in 22 years, and by God it was difficult! I was lucky enough to have my friends in college to spend it with, but with assignments and exams, we couldn't go out and celebrate properly so once I got back to the house in the evening, I literally spent it by myself. It didn't even feel like my birthday, but I had celebrated it at the weekend so I wasn't too put out about it. I also had my Irish oral that day, so that really kept my mind off everything!

Exam week came around too quickly for my liking. Between having to finish assignments during study week and actually studying, I was pretty stressed out. I hadn't sat a college exam in two years, due to repeating second year with no exam. But I got through them and hopefully I've done enough to progress into final year!

And here we are! 
Nothing much to report on here so far. I'm working away at the weekends in the restaurant, trying to keep myself busy during the week.
Which is where this blog is going to come into play. 
I have a lot of plans for the blog and my YouTube channel for the summer. I plan on writing more reviews on products, maybe places I visit over the summer. I'm going to England for the month of July to work in a summer camp, so hopefully I'll have plenty of opportunities over there to get this up and running again! 

If you have read this far in my ramblings, I applaud you! 

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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  1. Omg, you should do a blog or video, about your upcoming trip to London! You could talk about what your doing over there about who you work with, where your staying and what you hope to do while over there? Would be interesting to hear what you expect from the trip and maybe do a weekly recap of your weeks while over there and how you are doing through either blogs or videos. Also hope you passed your third year of college.

    1. I will most definitely be doing something along those lines! I didn't really know how I was going to document it, like what would people actually read and find interesting, so thanks so much for your input!! Always nice to know what people actually want to read on my blog :)