BLOGMAS Day 16: Stocking Filler Ideas

Hello everyone!

We're down to single digits - 9 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! So hopefully you all have your Christmas presents bought!

However, there are some presents you may not have bought...stocking fillers! If you're unfamiliar with what a stocking filler is, it's a small present (usually under a tenner) that's left in your Christmas stocking Christmas Day.
Here are a few ideas that I've come across this year:

1. A CD/DVD: I know that these are a thing of the past what with Spotify and Netflix and all, but sometimes having a physical copy of your favourite film or album makes it that bit more special.

2. Socks: Everyone loves a pair of socks, whether they say so or not! And a pair or two of good quality socks can go a long way in the eyes of a Dad!

3. Makeup palette: As a girl, I know that receiving a small eyeshadow palette in my stocking is like a gift from God! So if you're buying a stocking filler for that special girl in your life, you can't go wrong with makeup!

4. Phone case: A pretty/safe/sturdy phone case is perfect for someone who has a tendency to drop their phones on a regular basis.

5. A teddy: Because who doesn't love a cuddle buddy during the holidays?

Until next time.

Fifs xo

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