BLOGMAS Day 15: The BEST Christmas Hot Chocolate (or at least in my opinion....)

Hello everyone!

How many of you love hot chocolate at Christmas? How many of you love hot chocolate any time of the year? How many of you just love chocolate???
If your answer was 'ME' to any or all of those questions, then keep on reading!

I love hot chocolate. Any day, any time, just give me a hot chocolate and I will be happy out. And hot chocolate at Christmas, in a Christmas mug, while you're sat beside the Christmas tree watching a Christmas movie is honestly the best feeling ever. 
Experimenting with different methods of making hot chocolate is always fun, but I think that I have discovered the best and simplest way of doing it! (You're all going to think after reading it 'sure, I could have done that, what are you on about?' but there's videos about how to make tea on YouTube.... so yeah, I'm writing a blog post about how to make hot chocolate!!)

1. Measure the right amount of milk by pouring it into your chosen mug. Pour this milk into a microwavable jug. I use a small whisk to just add some air into the milk because I find that this makes it nice and frothy. Pop it into the microwave for 1 minute.

2. While waiting for the milk to heat up, get the chocolate part ready! I put two-three heaped teaspoons of the Cadbury's hot chocolate powder into my mug with a little bit of milk. Using my trusty whisk, I mix this into a paste.

3. At this stage, the milk should be beeping at you (or the microwave should be at least...)Take out your jug, give it a whisk again and pop it back into the microwave for another minute.

4. Take your hot milk out of the microwave and pour it over your chocolate paste, whisking as you do so. Honestly, whisking at every stage just makes the milk frothy and yummy! 

5. And now the fun part... the finishing touches!! I just like to put some whipped cream on top (and marshmallows if we have any, but we don't at the moment.. sad face...) and sprinkle some cocoa powder over it.

Anyways, I'm off to enjoy my hot chocolate and watch Elf! 

Until next time. 

Fifs xo

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