What I ate today...

Hello everyone!

As a start to my new 'healthy' routine, I decided to keep a food diary today. I will admit that while not all of the meals I ate today should be considered the 'healthy option,' I can safely say that I did not snack in between meals today and only drank tea or water (except for my coffee at breakfast!)


For breakfast this morning, I decided to have some porridge with a squeeze of honey for sweetness and some strawberries. The strawberries at the moment are AMAZING and I would eat a big bowl of strawberries at every meal if I could...but alas I can't. I also had a latte and a glass of ice cold water.


After doing some unpacking from moving out of my college house, I started to get hungry. Usually, I would have a cup of tea and a biscuit (or two.. or three) to satisfy me. However, today I decided to actually have a lunch! I made myself a chicken, stuffing, cheese and mayo toastie with gluten-free crisps, a cup of tea and another glass of ice cold water.


The family dinner today consisted of a fry. I changed mine up a bit by cooking the sausages in the oven and having wedges instead of fried potato. I also had a rasher (the lean bit..can't stand the fat of a rasher!) and some mushrooms. Again, I drank an ice-cold glass of water

After dinner, I had a cup of tea and a sneaky jam tart to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

Evening Snack:

As a little snack in the evening, I had a mint chocolate (fat-free!) yoghurt. I had never had this before, but I have to say I would definitely have it again! 

I then decided to do a bit of Friday evening baking. I had been craving brownies for days(!) so I decided to take a recipe from one of the books we have in the press and replace some of the ingredients with (sort of) healthier options, such as replacing the butter with half coconut butter and vegetable oil. For my first attempt, I have to say I was quite impressed! They were fudgy in the centre but crispy on the outside, just like a regular brownie! I had this with some strawberries and cream.

I now have multiple photos of food on my phone that I have to go delete before someone sees...

Until next time. 
Fifs xo
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