Throwback Thursday: What was I wearing??

Hello everyone!

As it's a Thursday, I have decided to "throw it back" to when I was really young. Looking at these photos, I couldn't get over what I was wearing and why my parents let me go out looking like that! I wore long dresses that went past my ankle, with a contrasting polo t-shirt inside it (polo t-shirts were very in...). And the shoes! I had the most cringe worthy runners and the typical shiny black school shoes... So here are a few of the photos I found, along with a description of the outfits.... (There were other people in the photos with me, but I have cropped them out for their privacy).

Here I am, in all my cuteness (ha), at four years of age on my last day of Playschool. I actually quite like the pattern on the dress, and would probably wear it today if it was in my size, but I most definitely would not put it with that t-shirt! Also, just look at the shoes... If you look really closely, there seems to be some sort of stickers or something on them. Take about cringe....

Go forward about a year, and here comes the polo shirts that my Dad insisted I wore every single day. I have never worn this colour since I started buying my own clothes and dressing myself. However, my Dad loved this colour on me (I don't know why) and would always put this t-shirt on me. I'm also wearing sandles with socks.... Enough said about that. 

Who didn't love a good sports day in Primary School? Even though I'm not the sporty type, I loved them (as seen from the big cheesy grin in this photo!) I clearly did not understand the dress code for a sports day however.. The pants are three-quarter length and quite baggy... I suppose it let the air onto my legs! I do like the hoodie, or top, though. A nice baggy, long sleeve top with a colar and buttons closed all the way to the top is exactly what you need on a hot day while running in races.... 

No, I did not dress like this on a normal day... This was at the height of my horse-riding days (which quickly ended after a year..). You can't see her in this photo, but myself and my cousin were pretending the golf clubs were horses in this photo just before we headed off to our lessons. I look like the right jockey here with my skin-tight stripy leggings, bright red hoodie and matching wellies... 

Finally, here we have a throwback to ten years ago, when ponchos were the thing to wear! I wore this stripy purple poncho almost every day (except when it was in the wash). I reckon if the jeans were a skinnier fit, they could still be fashionable today (even though, I think they were sparkly, but that's not coming up to great in the photo). Also, them runners.. I told you I had the best runners growing up! 

 And there we have it. What I wore as a child! Would you wear any of the clothes you wore as a child today? Or would you rather forget?

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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