Blogmas 2016... kind of...

Hello everyone!

And welcome to Blogmas 2016... kind of...

Last year, I set myself the task of writing a blogpost for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. I managed to write 16 out of those 24, which I was extremely proud of. I also had great fun doing it because, if you know me, Christmas is my favourite time of year! 
I really wanted to do Blogmas again this year, but I'm on my final two weeks of placement at the moment and I don't have the time to think, never mind writing a blog post every day on top of writing lesson plans... So I've come up with a compromise!
For the next 2 weeks, I will write a blog post on Sunday. And then for the week before Christmas and the week leading up to it, I will try to write one every day. 

It's the best situation for my situation (if that makes any sense..) and because Blogmas is more so for my pleasure than anyone else's (although, some people do enjoy these!!) on quite happy with this outcome! 

Let's just hope I remember to write a post on Sunday.......


Until next time.
Fifs xo

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  1. You going to do Vlogmas videos like Zoella?

    1. I will be doing one or two Christmas videos, but not every day :) xo

  2. Disappointed to see no notification for your new blog post. When can we expect your first post for Christmas?

    1. So sorry for the wait! I was very busy with my final week of placement and then my dog needed an operation so I wasn't in the mood for anything to do with the blog because we didn't know how it would go.. but as you can see, there are now two posts up and I have another one written that will be going up at the same time as a video on my YouTube channel (which will hopefully be tonight) so that should make up for lost time :) xo