Food Diary 3 - Healthy Eating??

Hello everyone!

Today, I've decided to just do a little food diary. I had a pretty busy day so I knew I wouldn't be able to write a proper blog post, but I still wanted to put something up. And I always find that I eat healthier when I decide to blog what I ate in a day and the presentation always looks nicer as well. So here we go... my attempt at eating healthy! 


For breakfast this morning, I made myself a fruit salad. In it I had strawberries, banana, a doughnut peach (which are possibly the juciest peaches ever!!) and some honey. I also had a slice of wholemeal toast, a glass of water with a slice of lime and a slice of lemon in it (anyone know why lemon floats but lime sinks??) and a cup of tea


For lunch, I had some Tuc crackers, some cheddar cheese and a few grapes. I didn't want to have a big lunch as I knew we would be having an early dinner. I also had a bottle of water on hand.


I was very impressed with my dinner today, and proud of myself for making it all myself! While Mam busied herself with making dinner for herself and Dad, I decided to have some sweet potato fries, a chicken fajita with peppers and red onion, and some salad. I had flavoured the fajita mix with spices and honey and it was absolutely delicious!! 

I had a small dessert to help my sweet tooth. I had a small portion of rice pudding and custard heated up and it was amazing, although the picture doesn't do it justice!!

So there we have it - what I ate today! I usually have something to eat in the evening/night time, but I had a two hour rehearsal and I just wanted to publish this post and go to bed. So now that I have this up, it's time for some rest and sleep!!

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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