Pancake Tuesday!

Hello everyone!

Today was a good day. It was my last Tuesday in Dublin for 5 weeks. I had a great catch up with one of my best friends in college. And it was also Pancake Day! 

Pancakes aren't really a special treat in our house; we make them a lot for breakfast when my little cousins stay over - a tradition that started when I used to have friends over for sleepovers in primary school, so Pancake Tuesday is never really a big deal in our family. However, this doesn't stop us from making pancakes on this glorious day!

Unfortunately, mam had the batter made before I came home from Dublin. But the batter we make is never the same because we don't actually follow a recipe. We just chuck in a bit of flour, add some milk, crack in two eggs, add some sugar and vanilla, a pinch of salt, and whiz it all up together in the blender. Too thick? Add more milk. Too thin? Add more flour. It's all trial and error really. 
Today, mam made them just that little bit thicker than usual, which allowed me to make some small 'American style' pancakes. I cooked the usual size ones for mam and dad, but for myself, I wanted something different. I stuck with my usual topping of melted chocolate and cream, and these pancakes were delicious!! 

I'm odd when it comes to my pancakes - some days I like them as thin as crepes; other days I like the fluffy American ones. No matter what way I like them, I always love them!

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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