Valentine's Day or just a Sunday?

Hello everyone!

Valentine's Day. You either love it or hate it. And me? Well, I hate it. I always have and I think that I always will. Some people might say "you only hate it because you don't have a boyfriend" or "is it because you're jealous of couples?". No. I have always hated it for some unknown reason. Even when I was in a relationship for Valentine's Day last year, I asked my boyfriend if we could not celebrate it. I went as far as refusing to even say the words 'Happy Valentine's Day' to him. We just spent the night watching movies like we did every night we spent together. It was just a regular night.

I'm not too sure when my hatred for this day started. When I was younger, Mam and Dad used to send me Valentine's cards from a 'secret admirer' and sometimes they'd throw a cute teddy bear into the mix. So it's not as if I grew up not celebrating it - I did. As I got older, I just didn't see the point in celebrating a day for a baby with wings (or a tiny man in a nappy with wings - whatever you want to look at it...). 

I remember having a single girl's Valentine's sleepover with my friends when we were in Leaving Cert. We ate lots of chocolate, drank some sparkling wine, gossiped and cried watching 'The Notebook' (some of us more than others.....). It was a great night, but it's also something we could have done any other night of the year. Having it on Valentine's night didn't make it any more special... we just got to eat lots of Love Heart sweets and chocolate and strawberries without feeling too guilty about it because we were all lonely singles.. lol.

My point is, I just don't think that there should be a day where people celebrate love and their relationships by buying expensive presents, going for a fancy dinner and writing a soppy message on a card. Love should be celebrated every day in a relationship! If you love someone, tell them, show them, shout it from the rooftops every day of your damn life! Don't wait for one day where everyone is expected to tell that special someone 'I love you,' especially if you're not ready for that yet...

Rant over. 
I will be spending February 14th like any other Sunday - working. And if I'm not working, thank God! It means I won't have to watch couples all day.......

Until next time.
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