Hello everyone!

I know it's now mid-March, but to be honest, I wasn't feeling up to writing a blog post at the end of February. I started to write my February update, but it didn't sound right - it didn't sound like me. I was writing for the sake of writing, and I didn't want to post something that I wasn't happy with.

But, now I am feeling much more 'creative' (if that's the word you would use..) and I'm ready to start writing blog posts and editing YouTube videos again!

I can't believe that another month of 2016 is gone already. I swear, this year is just going to pass by in one big blur if we're not careful! I eventually went back to college after the longest Christmas break ever! I met up with my old classmates and housemates, which was lovely. I didn't realise how much I missed them until I saw them. #GroupJandHouse236forever
I was only in college for 2 Tuesdays before I was off again. The second years started their Placement, and because I didn't have to repeat those dreaded three weeks, I was free to do my own thing for 5 weeks (I am currently on my last week of freedom....). I went to Sligo for rag week to my friends, and it was a brilliant week! I felt like a proper student again, which I haven't felt in almost a year! Living at home is tough at times when you're used to the freedom of living by yourself, but it has it's perks (mainly being having the dinner cooked for you!!).

I didn't do anything with my bucket list this month. It wasn't a great month for me, with feeling a bit down and all that. But, I pushed through and kept living life to the fullest. I guess you could say that I did 'travel' a bit because I went to Sligo, but I'm not counting it as travelling really.

But, a new month is here (15 days into it!!), and so far so good! However, I will leave that until the end of the month....

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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  1. Some months are just to live and that's an achievement. I hope you're feeling better now darling <3 (more nights out in Galway maybe? :P)

  2. Just wondering when you are going to post about the month of March, its near Mid- April?

    1. I kept trying to write it but April was an absolutely crazy month and I just didn't get a single moment to sit down and write it! April's post will be coming soon, along with another cheeky little post ;)

  3. Oooo can't wait ��