This college year....

Hello everyone!

Well, I did it. 
After a long, stressful, scary year, I finally passed my second year of college with Second Class Honours! To say I was relieved when I saw my results would be an understatement... 

For those of you who don't know (although, most probably do), I failed my Irish grammar module in my second year (the first attempt..) which meant that I had to repeat that one module. It was an absolute pain to do - travelling up to Dublin, going to a one hour lecture and then coming back down to Galway all in the one day - but I did what I had to do to get one step closer to the childhood dream of becoming a teacher. 
The lectures went on and we were all preparing ourselves for the three hour grammar exam in May, only to find out mid-March that we would no longer have a written exam. Or an oral exam for that matter. Everything would be based on our continuous assessment, which I admit I wasn't doing too well with. I spent more time at the tasks and each week my grades went up, so I was obviously doing something right!
You're probably wondering why I was scared to get my results if it was based on continuous assessment that I already knew the results of. I think I was scared that something was going to go wrong with the system, or my teacher would get the results mixed up with someone else's. I didn't know what to expect when I opened my results, but I was not expecting a massive weight to be lifted off my shoulders! I didn't even realise how stressed I was about my results until I saw them. It was the best feeling to start off a great day.

I don't regret the year. Even though I missed out on some college experiences, such as going out with my friends, doing the college musical, just generally having the craic with my classmates between lectures, I had a great year. I became more confident in myself, as I have said a million times before, and I made new friends who I will be graduating with in 2 years time (fingers crossed!). I discovered just how much I love being in Dublin. I was in the city centre a lot more than usual, and I will definitely try to go on little adventures next year. 

To say it was a tough year would be a lie. Yeah, there were some tough times, especially when it got to the beginning of second semester and I realised I wouldn't be joining my old classmates after their placement, but all in all, I realised that everything happens for a reason. If I never had to repeat, I wouldn't have done a lot of things that I did do this year. Some were stupid, yes, but again, I don't regret anything I have done since last September. They made me who I am now, and that's the best version of me that I have been in a long long time!

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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