Zoella's 'Girl Online' - What it meant to me

Hello everyone!

When I was in Dublin today, I ventured into Easons (or is it Eason??) on O'Connell Street and I finally bought the debut novel by Ms. Zoe Sugg herself, 'Girl Online.' And wow! 

I went into Starbucks to waste an hour of waiting for my bus and started reading. I walked to the bus station and while I was waiting for fifteen minutes, I kept reading. I'm still on the bus (and it's a two and half journey!) and I literally just finished the book! This is definitely a record for me - starting and finishing a book in less than 4 hours! What an achievement! (Give yourself a pat on the back there Aoife.. Thanks Aoife!)

I was going to review the book, but there's not much I can say about it without ruining the story! Except for all the emotions it made me feel - I was happy, I was sad, I laughed, I even had tears in my eyes at one point. But it has also given me this new found confidence.

This blog, like Penny's, was something I started for myself way back at the beginning of June. Since that first post, I have had almost 3000 pageviews, discovered a love for photography and writing, started a YouTube channel and have become a lot happier! Not a lot of my friends or family or people I went to school with know about any of this, but I think I am finally ready to set this blog out into the world! 

Zoella has always been an inspiration to me (she's one of the reasons I started all of this in the first place!) and now her book has given me this boost of confidence and excitement about making my blog more public. I definitely related to all the characters in the book - Penny for her anxiety and fear of her blog going public, Noah for his love of music and all things quirky, Elliot for his love of fashion and just wanting to be understood, even Megan for her love of drama and theatre (although I'm not that much of a bitch to people I call my friends, I hope!) - and it's not often that a book can do that to me. I've never related to any character in any book I've read (and trust me, that's been a lot!) so to feel this connected to four characters in one book was insane! 

I cannot wait to read the sequel ('Girl Online: On Tour') which I will definitely be buying once I finish 'All the Bright Places' (a favourite of Zoe's, so I'm definitely going to trust her judgement!).

Have you read 'Girl Online'? What did you think of it?

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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