If my summer was a musical... (2016)

Hello everyone!

It has been exactly a year since I posted my 'If my summer was a musical' post. I really enjoyed writing that because it brought my passion of music into the blog. I also enjoyed reading back on it and realising how much has changed in the last year.
So, this year, I have decided to do the same thing. If you read back on last year's, you will realise how different both summers were. Last year, I suffered through a lot. This year, however, I was a lot more happy and carefree, with very little to no stress buzzing around me.

So here we go - if my summer 2016 was a musical.....

This is My Version - Conor Maynard
Starting this summer off with a low point. Although it wasn't as bad as it had been, the heartbreak from my ex boyfriend still bothered me. I think it bothered me more that we weren't talking. Everyone asked me was I ok, was I over him. I would say 'yes, I am.' And I was. Except, I think I was trying to convince myself more so than anyone else.

Send My Love (to your new lover) - Adele
Eventually, I was able to tell everyone and myself that I was truly over him. And it felt amazing! It was the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders. I was able to see photos of him and his new girlfriend without wanting to cry. I was even able to talk to said girlfriend in a civilised conversation. I wish them both the best of luck, and I honestly mean that. 

The Promise - Emma Blackery
This summer, I managed to do things for myself. I just wanted to feel happy this summer, and if that meant doing something for myself even if others didn't agree with it, I did it. I'm not saying they were all great ideas, but at least I now know instead of asking 'what if?'

Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Being called 'weak' was something I've been called just once this summer. However, that one time I was called 'weak' forced me to push myself to stand up for myself and prove to everyone that I am not a pushover. And do you know what? I am actually grateful to that one person who thought they would make me weaker. Instead, they did the exact opposite, and I still have so much more to prove!

Summer Love - One Direction
If I could go back to the beginning of summer to have things go back to how they were with certain people, I would. My relationships with a few people changed over the course of the summer, and I would give anything to be able to go back and make sure that things didn't change. 
(Yes, one of these people includes a boy, but he isn't the only person that I'm referring to.)

Work - Rihanna (Conor Maynard version)
Work was the only thing that held me back from doing things I wanted to do. I was working 4-6 days a week, late nights at the weekends and early mornings. However, money was money, and I made a lot of good friends over my time in the hotel. But I think I deserve this 3 month break......

Drunk - Ed Sheeran
Ironically, this song comes next on my playlist. Nights out were a big thing this summer - I was out almost every weekend. I think there was only one or two weekends where I didn't venture out at least one night. Yes, I admit, I did get drunk. But I never did it to make myself have a better night. There were nights were I went sober and still had a good night. 

A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
Over the summer, I was involved in organising a charity event in the town of Tuam. It was a balloon race for a young lad who was left with a brain injury after a serious assault 4 years ago. (I won't go into much detail about the charity - if you want, you can look it up on Facebook at 'Care for Shane').
This was the song that was chosen to be played as the balloons were being launched into the sky, and I honestly think that it was the perfect choice. I got emotional as I watched the balloons being released, all the colours against the blue of the sky - a magical sight. (There's a video of the day up on my YouTube channel which is linked below if you are interested.)
Being involved in this event made me realise just how lucky I am to be who I am and that I shouldn't take any day for granted.

Wings - Birdy
Finally, we have the song that literally brought my summer to a close.
My cousin asked me and our younger cousin to sing this song as she walked up the aisle on her wedding day last Saturday. I have never been as nervous for something in my life! I don't sing solo in front of anyone; I much prefer blending into the background with the chorus or a choir. However, I did this for my cousin because it was her special day. And I am so proud of myself for getting up there and getting through it! I'm not saying that I'm going to be able to sing solo all the time now, but at least I'm not as self-conscious about my singing voice anymore.
This song will always be special to me now, as it will remind me of the time I faced my fears and got through it. 

And that is it for this summer's update.
A lot different to last year, but I still learned a lot about myself, and also about others. I can't wait to read back on this in a year's time and see what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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  1. I'm so happy for you, you have come so far from last summer!!! Do you still think that his new girlfriend was the problem all along and as bad as you made her out to be in your summer blog a year a go, or is still and always will be the problem? as you seem to have had a civil conversation this year?

    1. Last year, I was just bitter. I wanted to make up an excuse as to where it all went wrong, and she was just the easiest target. But no, she was not the problem. And still isn't the problem. She is actually a lovely girl who I can have a conversation with (not too sure if she feels the same about me but that's her opinion to make), and as I said, I wish the two of them the best of luck :) xo

  2. You over your ex now or do you still feel a longing for him?

    1. Over him. Completely and truly over him :) xo