One month down, only eleven more to go...

Hello everyone!

Here we are, January 2016 is no more! One month of 2016, over! I can't believe how fast that month went. All I know is, if the speed it went at is a sign of how fast this year is going to go, it'll be 2017 before we know it!

It was a roller-coaster of a month for me to be honest. I started the year off regretting the night before (i.e. New Year's Eve) where I had an argument with one of my best friends and another with a particular person (I think you can all guess who....). Fortunately, I made up with my friend and all was good in the world again!
I got through the month, going out with friends, working four days a week in the hotel, visiting my old school, meeting up with friends for lunch, just having a good old time really! I've even started to work on my bucket list. I have picked out a new bed, mattress, locker and dresser for my bedroom! I have also started to clear out my wardrobe. The only thing that's left to do is choose a colour scheme, clear out the rest of my room and decorate! But I have until the middle of April to get all of that sorted...

As I said, this month was a roller-coaster for me, full of its ups and downs. With all the good things, there was some lows. I spent a week in the middle of January feeling very down. I just wasn't feeling myself and I didn't want to see or speak to anyone; I just wanted to be by myself. But with work, I couldn't do that. I had to go out and face the day and act happy in front of the customers. The end of that week brought a very surprising change. I went to a table quiz fundraiser for my friend, and a certain person was there. A few drinks later, we ended up talking and now we're back to normal again. We were able to talk about everything that had happened and it was honestly for the best that we got it sorted. I know I said in my 2015 recap post that I had never been happier, but right now, I honestly couldn't be happier. I have one of my best friends back, the person I can talk to with just about anything. And that's probably the best feeling ever.

So now, the end of January has come and gone, and February is here! This month, I plan to start the journey to tick two more things off my bucket list. I don't know what they're going to be yet, but I will get started on them soon. 
Let's make February 2016 one to remember!

Until next time.
Fifs xo

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